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    Brandy Chenoweth

    Happy happy SITS day! This blog is SO cute! I'm not a mama but I think I'm going to enjoy this place anyway :)

    Three Haute Mamas

    Thank you all for such nice comments! You have re-fueled us for sure!! It is ironic though that we have yet to SIT down today!! lol!! BTW.... you are all HAUTE MAMAS!!
    Xo Kimberly, Kate and Christina


    You know what I like about your blog? You make fashion actually approachable.

    I'm only human. I only have so many things I can do in a day. I have a family, a business, volunteer work, a house to take care of - and I love to look good when I'm doing it.

    But do you honestly think I have time to decipher the latest "Vogue" magazine for what someone like me should be wearing? HA!

    Your post about the jeans. It hit home, y'all. I got it. I have the *worst* saggy but, but that's mostly because my butt can't decide what size it wants to be post-baby. When it does, you can be sure I'm coming back to your blog to help me find my own mom-jeans to rock ;)

    Love "meeting" you ladies!

    Melissa Kline

    Happy, Happy SITS day!!! You are all courageous, inspiring women! Love the sisterhood! :)


    What a wonderful idea for a blog! I cherish the moments that I have with my best girlfriends and I look forward to the good times ahead! Happy SITS day to you all!

    Kimberly Wright

    Just stopping in from SITS...congrats on your feature...sure has been fun meeting you...Pinkim from

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