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    What a great blog! I love fashion - LOVE IT. Maybe some day I'll get the guts to start really putting money into clothes - but I have a tendency to ruin them quickly - or my kids do . . . (yeah . . . blame the kids, that's a good idea!). :-S

    Can't wait to read more - the jeans post is fantastic! I am Lane Bryant sized, and they do this thing where they fit you perfectly into a pair of jeans. They are pricy, but sooo worth it - especially for us bigger ladies that are bigger in some places than others.

    Holyoke Home

    Way to go girls! I love your senses of style and focus on New England. From a fellow New Englander - Boo-yah!

    You're all just having the best time - what's not to enjoy!? Well done on a fab concept for a great blog. x

    Jennifer Harting

    Congrats girls! Awesome blog and I love that you are doing this together! I love your fashion aspect of it too! Enjoy!

    Jen (Sticky Note Queen)

    Wow. Love it. You ladies seem incredible!


    You look like an awesome trio together, how much fun! The family photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us!

    Happy, happy SITS day - and what a wonderful way to keep us posted on what's current, how to shop, and how to keep it "haute" - cool!

    Ericka Clay

    Happy SITS day! It's official, I'm a fan. :) Love what you guys are doing and can't read more about your fashion inspired adventures!

    Happy SITS day! Your blog is very cool. I enjoyed reading through some of your entries!

    Happy SITS Day! What a fun blog.

    I am probably a middle of the road boutique shopper, though at times I do all three.

    Happy SITS day! Looks like you ladies have a lot of fun!

    Three Haute Mamas

    welcome everyone! the only thing i love more than a good shoe sale, is a good blog, and looks like i have plenty to keep me busy this afternoon!! whoohoo!
    supermomblues-don't feel like you have to spend lots to have a great wardrobe! check out your local second hand shop. mine carries great designer lines at next to nothing! we've also found some GREAT stuff at WALMART!! check out the norma kamali line there-super cute!

    Three Haute Mamas

    holyoke in the HOUSEEEEEEE!! you should join us at one of our events:D


    Congrats on your SITS day! It looks like you are all busy ladies! Fabulous!!!


    Congrats, Ladies! Enjoy your SITS Day!


    There are many reasons I could list on why your blog is awesome. The truest and most genuine reason: You ladies have truly grown as women while still staying YOU. You're just as fabulous; you're just a momma, too. Kind of one and the same here Mama=Fabulous.

    Theresa Trombino

    Congrats on your SITS day ladies! Are you from the Boston area? I saw Sox hats on you and a mention of Newbury St and Nantucket. I live in central Ma and my husband is from the North End. I will definitely be checking back in here to see what you fab ladies are up to!

    Vicki Valenta

    Looks like y'all have found a way to have it all and have fun doing so. Congrats on a great blog. I hope your SITS day is as fabulous as you are.

    Nicole Moleti

    This blog is such an inspiration - I recently started a beauty blog with my 2 girlfriends - site!


    Great site ladies -- happy SITS day! Looking forward to following your fashion adventures. Love that you do this all together -- makes for great stories and definitely lightens the load :)

    Happy SITS Day! I guess I'd be a bargainista, but only due to circumstance! I look forward to getting super inspired by all your fashion advice :)

    Lisa Marshall

    You gals Rock!!!! Happy SITS

    Lisa xxx

    Happy SITS Day!! What a wonderful blog you have here ladies! You are all so beautiful! :)


    Happy SITS day...looks like you have a super fun time together! Enjoy your special day!

    Tara Kelley

    Happy SITS day!

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