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    Great find! I LOVE this green dress. My absolute fave colour too. You look fantastic :) and big congrats on your SITS feature day!!

    I LOVE that color! I think my favorite part is the pockets (and the price)!

    Congrats on your SITS feature. Looking forward to enjoying all 3 of your adventures. :)

    Robin Grosland

    What a beautiful color.

    Congratulations on your SITS day. I hope it is everything you've been wishing for.

    Lindsay Frost

    I love that color green, especially with your dark hair and warm skin tone! I also agree that you do not have to sacrifice style even if you are on a major budget. Congrats on your SITS feature day!

    L Thomas

    Happy SITS Day! Great color, great dress. I am getting ready to part with my car as's 8, but I don't think I'm as attached to it as you are to yours... if it weren't for the new car payment, I'd be happy to see it go!

    Leigh @ Single Mom in the South

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