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    I love this! I'm a 36 year old homeschooling mom of four boys (10, 8, 5, and 8 months). I used to be a girly-girl, but have let myself go for awhile. I just have been so BUSY! LOL! I've been trying to pull myself back together since the New Year started. I've lost five pounds (10 more to go), treated myself to too much at Clinique, and got a great haircut this week. I'm now inspired to do a mani-pedi this afternoon. Thanks! :-)

    Three Haute Mamas are the reason we love what we do! Thank you so much for sharing! Four kids, homeschooling, losing weight and cleaning out Clinique;) We love mamas like you! Keep up the great work and keep checking in with us-YOU are an inspiration!! xoxo

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