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    Denise DiSpena

    I keep writing on your blog, but somehow it never records. I just wanted to say Kim, I think you are hilarious! This blog is the best! I love everything about Sex in The City, but it wasn't always that way. Here's a little story...

    When Vanessa was in college she spent $100 online, through Ebay, for all the 'SITC' DVDs up to date! A package arrived with bright pink and yellow paper wrapped around it, little cartoon kitties and doggies and lots of Chinese script...I never laughed so she thought she was getting a bargain but she couldn't understand what the bargain was, he, he...I put them on and their weren't even subtitles. I called her and she was so disappointed! So if you ever learn to speak Chinese, you might enjoy some episodes from a different point of view.

    Long story short, my computer, savvy daughter figured a way, on her computer to alter all the DVD's back to English!

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